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Bass ~  Snare  ~  Hi-Hat  ~  Chair

~ Brushes ~
Capital District based drummer Mike is one of the
Capital Districts' smoothest drummers.

Available Weekdays, Weekends, Days & Nights.

Trap set with brushes played for your folk,
country, swing, jazz or other style duo, trio etc.

Mellow for smaller rooms
without blowing out the windows!

Hard Hitting if Needed!

Available for fun or profit.

"  ~~~~~  always hip!  ~~~~~  "

Recognized for his "musical" style, steady feel as well
as being a driving force on stage.  

Mike's dedication to music is evident in all aspects.

Rock, Jazz, Country, Folk, Swing

Loud, Soft:  makes no difference to me...

you call the tune --- I
'll do the drumming.