Capital District based drummer Mike is one of the Capital
Districts' most respected and well versed drummers.

Available Weekdays, Weekends, Days & Nights.

Mapex Trap Set ~ Sticks and Brushes
Mini Tama Jam Set

Played for your Folk, Country, Swing, Jazz, Rock
or other styled band.

Duo, Trio , Full Band ; Makes no difference!

~~~  Mellow for smaller rooms  ~~~

Hard Hitting if you Need

Available for fun or profit.

"  ~~~~~  always hip!  ~~~~~  "

Recognized for his "musical" style, steady feel as well as
being a driving force on stage.  

Mike's dedication to music is evident in all aspects.
Rock, Jazz, Country, Folk, Swing, Irish

Loud, soft...  Makes no difference

You call the tune --- I'll do the tune.
Welcome to Mike's Home on The Web

Bass ~  Snare  ~  Hi-Hat  ~  Chair

~ Brushes ~ Sticks ~
Heatwave mp3
Crazy mp3
518 - 4261299
Various Current Projects:
Rock, Country, Irish,
Fill-in and Hosting